Jane Eyre’s Journey: From Orphan to Love’s Triumph

Jane Eyre

Gatshead Hall – she is an orphan. Put in the care of Mrs. Reed. She has 3 kids: John, Georgiana, Eliza.
She is bullied by these kids, especially by John. Hit by John in the head till she bleeds.
She is locked up in the “red room”
“You have no business to take our books. You are a dependent. You have no money. Your father left you none. You ought to beg and not to live here with gentlemen’s children like us”

Lowood School – She lives in a controlled environment. Doesn’t have enough to eat. They are served with “burnt porridge” and the food is “shared into fragments”
“Poor people’s children” – Augusta (second daughter of Mr. Bocklehurst)
Only Miss Temple and her friend, Helen Burns are kind to Jane.

Brocklehurst punishes her for not being religious and lying. He scolds her and asks the other students to “Shut her out from their converse”. Helen tragically dies of tuberculosis at a very young age. Despite all these struggles, she becomes a teacher at the same institution.

Thornfield – Goes to Mr. Rochester’s house as a governess to little Adele. She saves Mr. Rochester from the fire set by Bertha Mason.

“You have saved my life. I have a pleasure in owing you so immense a debt…”

Meets Ms. Ingram (Rochester uses Ingram to evoke jealousy in Jane. Jane starts to compare herself with Ingram)

Rochester proposes to Jane
“Are you happy Jane? And again, and again I answered “yes”.

On the day of their marriage, Jane gets to know from Mason (Bertha’s brother) that Rochester is already married to Bertha (lunatic) Mason, which causes Jane to cancel their marriage. (impediment)

“I have been married and the woman to whom I was married lives” – Rochester

“I will not be yours, Mr. Rochester” – Jane
(Jane leaves Thornfield for Whitcross)
She wanders about the town for three days without food or shelter “I believe I should have begged a piece of bread: for I was now brought low”

Finally, she finds a house which is called “Marsh End”, owned by Mr. John Rivers (a parson). He is a relative of Jane Eyre, which she accidently gets to know. She becomes a teacher at a school opened by John Rivers. Jane and John Rivers’ uncle, Jhon Eyre, leaves a 20000-pound fortune for Jane, which jane later shares with Diana, John and Mary. (John proposes to Jane, but Jane refuses the proposal)

“I repeat I freely consent to go with you as your fellow missionary, but not as your wife: I cannot marry you, and become part of you”

Jane-Rochester reunion

Jane returns Thornfield to see a “a stately house” she sees a “blackened ruin” (The house was burned by Bertha Mason and Rochester is not there anymore)

Rochester tries to save the inhabitants of the house, and as a result, he loses his left hand his eyes.

“he is now helpless, indeed – blind and a cripple”

Rochester lives in the manor-house of Ferndean with the servants John and Mary.

Jane becomes his “eyes and hands”
“In his presence I thoroughly lived: and he lived in mine”

“Reader, I married him.”

Jane and Rochester get married and have a kid together.

Rochester gains eyesight in one eye.

“To be privileged to put my arms round what I value, to press my lips to what I love, to repose on what I trust, is that to make a sacrifice.If so, then certainly I delight in sacrifice:

The End

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