Top 15 Simple English Essays For Kids

01. My Family

I have a small family. We live in Kanthale. There are four members of my family. They are my father, other, sister and myself. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. My sister and I go to school. I am in grade 6. My sister is in grade 4.We go to Mahinda Vidyalaya. I love my family. We live happily.

Sri Lanka

02. My Country

My country is Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. It is called “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. The capital city of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. Colombo is its business center. Sri Lanka has a population of more than eighteen million people. In ancient times Sri Lanka was called by many names. The Greek travelers called it Taprobana and the Arabs called it Serendib. There are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, and Burghers in my country. I love my country.

03. My Village

My village is Kanthale. It is a big village. It is situated in Trincomalee District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. We have a temple, school, hospital, and bank in my village. The Kanthale Tank is a landmark. There are about 2000 people. Most of them are farmers. There are Sinhalese, Muslims, and Tamils . They live happily. There are paddy fields everywhere in my village. I like it very much.


04. My Pet

My pet is a cat. Its name is Kitty. It is black in colour. It has bright green eyes and a long tail. It eats rice and curry. Kitty likes to eat fish. It likes to drink milk very much. It plays with my brother and me every day. It is very playful. I love my Kitty.

05. My favourite sport

My favorite sport is cricket. It is a very interesting game. It is a team game. There are 11 Players on the cricket team. I play cricket with my friends every day. I go to the school playground. I play for my school cricket team. It is the most popular game in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan cricket team is very famous all over the world. I like cricket.

sri lanka cricket

06. My favorite sportsman

My favorite sportsman is Kumar Sangakkara. He is a popular cricket player from Sri Lanka. He is 36 years old. He is an old boy from Trinity college, Kandy. He is from Kandy. His father is a lawyer. Sangakkara is a left hand batsman. He is the wicketkeeper. He has scored many runs in test cricket, one-day internationals, and twenty-twenty matches for Sri Lanka. I like him very much.

07. My hobby

My hobby is reading books. It is an interesting and valuable hobby. I like to read novels, poems, and short stories. My favorite novel is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. My father and mother helped me to do my hobby. They bring me books every month. I go to the school and public library. I have a small library at my home. Reading makes a full man.

book reading
kandy perahera

08. The Kandy Perahara – A religious festival

The Kandy Perahara is a religious festival. It is held in August. The whip crackers announce the Perahara. The dancers, drummers, tom-tom beaters, flag bearers, and stilt walkers come after that. The torch bearers light the Perahara. Every year the tooth relic is taken out for Perahara. Many young and old people come to see it every year. It is very beautiful.

09. Sinhala and Hindu New Year

Sinhala and Hindu New Year is a national festival. It is celebrated in April. We paint our houses, buy new clothes, and make sweetmeats before the New Year day. On the New Year day we do all work according to an auspicious time. We go to the temple in the ‘Nonagathaya’ time. We play games, worship elders, and share sweetmeats with relations and neighbors. We wear our new clothes on this day. The New Year day is very fun.

new yaer

10. Water

Water is an important resource for all human beings, animals, and trees. It is a valuable gift of nature. We can live a few days without food, but we can’t live without water. Without water people, plants, and animals cannot live. If there is no water, people and animals will die. We can get water from rivers, tanks, wells, and rain. Trees help us to get water. We need water for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, bathing, transporting, living, for agricultural purposes, and electricity. Now we can understand the value of water. We should pay attention to preserving water. We should stop water wastage. To stop water wastage, we must manage water well. To protect water we should use water carefully. So, we should all stand together to conserve water to save lives. No water no life, no water no future.

11. My Ambition In Life

Ambition is a thing that we want to be in our life. Different people have different ambitions. Some wish to be engineers some wish to be teachers and some wish to be businessmen but I wish to be a teacher. Teaching is a noble profession. Pupils love their teachers. Everybody respects them. Teachers work hard to produce good citizens. If I want to be a teacher, I have to work hard. I must pass the exams and enter a College of Education, obtain a degree or Diploma. Then I can get the necessary training. It is not an easy job. I will help my students to study their subjects well. I will also give them correct guidance. I hope my dream will come true.


12. My favourite TV programme

Watching TV is a source of entertainment. I see different programmes on different channels. The most popular TV programmes are dramas, songs, dances, films, games sports etc. There are also some instructive programmes on the television. They cover different branches of knowledge. Among all the
programmes, my favourite TV programme is Doramadalawa. It is a documentary programme. It is telecast every Monday at 10 p.m. on ITN. This programme is presented by Hasantha Hettiarachchi. Many scholars come to this programme every day. They talk about valuable things. I like this programme because all the family members can watch it together.

13. Trees are our friends

Trees are a valuable gift of nature. They give us shade, medicines, grain, vegetables, air, water and many more. They provide us oxygen and also they help to prevent soil erosion. But some people destroy trees. It is not good. If we cut one tree we have to plant two instead. As little children we need to protect trees for our future generation. They are the best friends of man.

nuwara eliya

14. A place I like to visit

I like to visit Nuwara Eliya. It is a city in the hill country of Sri Lanka. It is a very cold place. The gardens there are full of beautiful flowers. There are fruits like strawberries and grapes. The town has a pretty lake with clear blue water. Many Sri Lankans visit this town in March April and May. I visited it during my last school vacation. I like to visit it again. It is an interesting place.

15. My mother

I like my mother very much. She is a valuable gift given by God. My mother is ………………………………………………….. She is…… years old. She is a kind-hearted lady. She loves me very much. She is a housewife. She gets up early to prepare our breakfast. She can cook tasty food. Her favourite food is rice and curry. She likes to drink king coconut water. Her favourite colours are pink and blue. She helps me with my studies. She always thinks of us. She wakes up before us and goes to bed after we go to sleep every day. I love my mother very much.


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